The hell’s threshold – edición de la obra en papel


Título: The hell’s threshold

Autor: Dear Onuhoa

ISBN: 978-84-19584-23-6

Número de páginas: 366

Tamaño: 170 mm x 240 mm


Bubbling with enthusiasm and clout, Amy and her daughter, Nora went preaching against FGM. But in a twist, they got stuck in a cultural sacrilege in Nigeria. Playfully, Nora grabs the goddess of fertility. So to appease the deity, Nora must undergo genital amputation or the natives would die one by one. Driven by love, at midnight, Amy moves secretly to retrieve her baby. But Nora’s sudden violent sneeze alerts the guards. So it became further complicated, Amy must be sacrificed.
To top it off, a Royal Marines commando, Nora’s father, flew in from Baghdad to shake off the hail and retrieve his daughter. But the dangerous mission went awry when an occult group welded itself into the cliffhanger. Quickly, bloody warfare erupted. However, after many deaths, an angel came to their rescue.