Tantalizing Puzzle – edición de la obra en Ebook


Título: Tantalizing Puzzle

Autor: Dear Orji Agwu Onuoha


During those days, evil had possessed the land and there were too many human sacrifices. Lucas was conceived on the altar of the Devil in a ritual rape of a fifteen years girl named Monica.
The same altar had refused Lucas, due to divine intervention. Lucas grew up in the King’s household and had a university education. He was later trained by a KGB renegade named Shakuma Ubaka.
In his dream, his mother mandated him to destroy the altar of the gods and overrun other occult groups.
To achieve this task, Lucas sorts the help of a gun freak, an ex-British spy who stashed away enough ammunition to wage a civil war. Maintaining his virginity in his thirties was the sine qua non for victory. With the presence of temptresses like Amy, the British blond, and Paula, the Spanish blue-eyed blond, very little success should be expected.
He will come across the most dreaded occult group known as the Inner Circle, headed by a sex-freak, Princess Ugo, the human merchandise dealer… His battle with the Sylph will be the first test of wits.

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